Make the World Happy

WHALEPB is a global mobile game publisher headquartered in HK, with 4 branches in San Francisco, Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai. We have been working on game development and publishing since the day we start. We are serious on developing game and have very high standard in game quality and user experience.

Services we offer for game developers:

Starting as a developer, our culture is developer oriented. We have long time experience in R&D, testing, game optimization, user acquisition, monetization etc., and can help developers reduce risk through entire developing and publishing process.

Our product optimization service help developer optimizes user experience covering tutorial, numerical system, goal system, etc.

Our data driven game optimization service analyses all the user behavior data from the moment they install till the moment they leave and provide optimization guidance accordingly.

Our UA and monetization team dedicate themselves in cost reduction and revenue increase. We endeavor to introduce flexible and effective optimization solutions.

Hope one day we will work together and make your game the Next Hit Game!

Please contact us if you are interested:

E-mail[email protected]